Ragtag Daily Prompt: Empathy

Window 5_15_1La Princesse Pirouette la jeune was still curious about her older sister’s sudden change in behavior when her parents summoned her to the throne room. This was something of a departure for in the past whenever they wanted to speak to Pirouette, they invited her to their bed chambers, or the gardens (weather permitting). This summons meant that their meeting would be a public event. Pirouette looked into her mirror, checked her make-up and gave her nose a quick puff of powder. Then she was off.Window 5_15_3When she got to the throne room, the Chamberlain struck the floor with his long staff and shouted over the din of many voices, “Her Royal Highness Princess Pirouette the Younger!” As she entered, all the ladies in the room curtsied and all the men bowed at the waist. She looked from left to right with a bright smile, even though she was terribly nervous. What’s this all about? She asked herself. And who is that handsome young man talking to mother and father?

Window 5_15_4As she approached their thrones, Princess Pirouette curtsied to her mother and then repeated the same to her father. She caught the middle of the conversation that her parents were having with the mysterious stranger. “I’ve no empathy for you whatsoever, my good man,” said King GarGar. “A man of your age with your wealth and good looks should have no trouble at all finding a suitable partner!”

“Here! Here!” Chimed in Queen Pirouette.

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