Monday Window Challenge: January 27, 2020

All of these windows are from Saint Anne’s Episcopal Church, Annapolis, Maryland. They were photographed on December 15, 2019. Please accept them as my contribution to today’s Monday Window challenge.  I loved the way some of the filtered light was reflected on the wall in the first photo, so I didn’t crop it at first.  The second picture is a closer look at the first.  The last window I find a bit disturbing, as it appears to show souls burning in Hell.

Stained glass 1 aStained glass 1 bStained glass 2Stained glass 3

5 thoughts on “Monday Window Challenge: January 27, 2020

      1. I wish. I’m actually a customer service person, but have worked at the same library for 24 years. I always wanted to get my MLS, but it never happened. Actually, I don’t know if I’ll ever completely retire – maybe part time. I love it here and think I would miss it too much.

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