Ragtag Daily Prompt: Wretch

GarGar 9

GarGar 9 zoom

King GarGar himself nearly drowned when the flagship of his naval squadron was rammed and sunk by the enemy.  With a few of his men, His Majesty managed to find a skiff that could hold the party of five.  At this point of the battle, the captain of the flagship Pirouette went down with his vessel, while the King and his party made it to shore in time to see the remnants of the fleet go up in flames, lighting up the horizon with an eerie glow.

The first mate of the Pirouette tried to take command of the skiff, unaware that his sovereign was part of the beleaguered little crew.  “Sit down, you wretch,” said GarGar impatiently.  “If you’re not careful, I’ll have my hangman cut that saucy tongue out of your mouth!” He added.

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