UFI: Unidentified Flying Insect

If anybody can tell me who or what this intimidating fellow is, I would be very grateful. His abdomen is reminiscent of the dragonfly; however, his wings are folded over his back. Dragonfly are distinguished by their wings that poke out the sides of their thoraxes. It definitely does not have a stinger. His hairy legs and compound eyes make me think of the common housefly. Is this some fancy fly from far away?

Hungry Hornet

Today was a great day for photographing insects. There’s a field of cockscomb maintained by a nursery down the road from me. Being extra careful not to trample any plants, I was able to photograph dozens of butterflies, moths, bees and other insects. Sadly, the monarchs have yet to make an appearance. When they do, I’ll be out there to capture them on film! Happily, the field of cockscomb was teaming with life, so I’ll be busy downloading and cropping photos for the next few hours (or days?) Here’s a hungry hornet. Keep your eyes on this space for more beautiful insects!

I’m calling this guy a hornet, but I honestly don’t know exactly what kind of bee this really is.
One can still clearly discern that this fella’s wings have undergone a lot of wear and tear.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bask

King GarGar kissed Queen Pirouette’s hand. Rising from a kneeling position, he turned to the crowd and exclaimed, “Long live Queen Pirouette!” The people responded accordingly, cheering wildly for their monarch who was resplendent in white with a diamond tiara and accompanying necklace. “You look like a goddess,” GarGar whispered into Pirouette’s ear. “Let me bask in your radiance.”