Ragtag Daily Prompt: Zephyr

Like a sweet summer zephyr, Queen Pirouette breezed into the ballroom. Because most of the men were off fighting in King GarGar’s war, dance partners had to be recruited from the palace guards. Pirouette motioned toward the Captain of the Guards, indicating that he was to be her first partner for the night. Pirouette planned to dance with as many handsome men as she could that night. Devil take the hindmost! She was tired of living like a nun. Tonight she planned to have fun!

Flower of the Day: September 16, 2020

Please visit Cee Nuener’s blog for reportage of the devastating wildfires on the West Coast. So far she has posted a half a dozen entries on this subject. Smoke from the fires is creating hazy skies all the way to the East Coast. This is a crisis of major proportions. The losses are incalculable. That this is a result of climate change is recognized by all with the exception of the Flat Earth Society.

I couldn’t resist showing a closer look of this bee. His head is in the trough and he is paying no attention to me.