Ragtag Daily Prompt: Bully

Lady Carelip was feeling quite frazzled. The two older girls were easy enough to care for. They were fairly self-sufficient, and they spent most of their time with tutors learning to dance, to speak modern languages. History and law were also on the curriculum. Musical instruction made them skilled at the mandolin and harp. Their education rivaled that of any prince.

The two younger children, the twins, were another matter. All of five years of age, they were full of bluster and tears when crossed, but could be absolute angels when the time was right. As of now, they were in the former condition. Princess LaLa sat on the floor of the nursery crying her eyes out and bawling at the top of her lungs.

“GarGar is a big, fat bully!” She shrieked. “He- he- he took my ball!

“Here’s a nice ball right here, darling,” said Lady Carelip as calmly as she could muster.

“I don’t want THAT ball! I want MY ball!” Lady Carelip’s eardrums shuddered against the pitch and volume of the little girl’s screams.

What to do? Thought the young woman, desperation hanging on her like a bad odor.