Flower of the Day, Rose of Sharon

I’ve always loved rose of Sharon. A member of the hibiscus family, it’s blossoms don’t get as large as some hibiscus, but they are beautiful, with subtle variations in color and hue. Here’s an example of a few from my yard that caught my attention.

White blossom with red center.
A closer look
Here we have a very dark blossom
How about this blossom that appears to be an intermediate color between the first two photos.
Look at this show-off with double blossoms.

This post is in honor of Cee Neuner. Wishing you, your partner and little ones a happy day, today and all tomorrows!

Sculpture Saturday: September 12, 2020

Saint Jerome, the Priest

This bronze statue, by Ivan Meštrović, is located at 2343 Massachusetts Avenue, Northwest, Washington, D.C. in front of the Croatian Embassy. Ivan Meštrović donated this work to the Croatian Franciscan Fathers, who commissioned it as Saint Jerome. Saint Jerome (341 – 420 A.D.) was born on the territory of modern Croatia. The inscription reads, “Greatest doctor of the church.”

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Illusion

All the children in the palace, including the royals, were gathered together on the green for the occasion of la Princesse Pirouette la plus jeune’s birthday. Already a young lady at the age of twelve, she tolerated the presence of Patches, the Court Jester, as entertainment for the younger children. Patches, for his part, was doing his best to keep the children amused until nightfall when there would be a fireworks display. In the meantime, as the children devoured cake and ice cream, Patches performed numerous magic tricks. Some were banal, as when he pulled a coin out of Pirouette’s ear. However, when he pulled a rabbit out of his hat, the children were impressed.

“I am Patches!” He shouted, “Master of illusion!”