Monday Window Challenge: September 7, 2020

Ludwig’s Monday Window Challenge

These are just a few selections from Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church located on E Street SW in Washington, DC. I’ll be posting more images of their beautiful stained glass windows over the coming days and weeks. Enjoy!

Besides the stunning display of stained glass, Saint Dominic’s contains Stations of the Cross that are truly lovely.
The organ above the main altar
Details from the life of Saint Dominic.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Charcoal

Lady Carelip stood with the box of Queen Pirouette’s makeup, opened for inspection. The contents of the box were worth as much as some of the pieces in the Queen’s jewelry collection. The collective odor of all the jars was pungent and oily and with a tinge of uniquely feminine perfumes. The box itself had a satin lining and the lid was encrusted with semi-precious stones.

“Do you know what they put into mascara, Lady Carelip?” Posited Queen Pirouette to her new lady in waiting.

“I’m not quite sure, Your Majesty.”

“Well, the basis for mascara is simple charcoal; however, it is mixed with certain oils, waxes and strange, miniscule drops of exotic perfumes to create a thick, sticky liquid that’s as black as midnight.”

A Couple of Selections from the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden: Sculpture Saturday on a Sunday, September 6, 2020

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of visiting the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden of the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Here are just a couple of selections from that visit. Look here in the upcoming days/weeks when I will be sharing the fruits of that visit. Besides the sculpture, I was also able to capture a few decent shots of the butterflies (no monarchs, mostly the little brown ones.) At any rate, do keep an eye on this space if you are interested in a brief, virtual tour (in digestible pieces) of the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden on the Mall in Washington, DC.

Eros Inside Eros by Arman (1986)

Post-Balzac by Judith Shea (1990)
Double Candles by Sterling Ruby (2018)