Sculpture Saturday: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Located on Scott Circle in Northwest Washington, DC, this statue is in the Classical Revival style. Dedicated in 1900.

At the dedication ceremony, guests included President McKinley.
His pensive posture is reminiscent of statues from Greco-Roman period. See the common stance for depictions of Hermes. Mosaics are also reminiscent of the villas of Pompeii.
I rather like the way the little girl is lit up and the grownups are in shadow.
The great man as a young man, studying Hippocrates et al.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Serenity

King GarGar and Queen Pirouette stood on either side of the crib. The newest member of the royal family was sleeping soundly. The infant’s parents were engaged in the important business of picking a name. The topic of a name kept getting deferred until they were now in the position of having a daughter with no name.

“She needs a name as beautiful as she is,” said King GarGar, who was well pleased to have another daughter. “Let us pray for wisdom in picking a name for her highness.”

“Indeed,” responded Queen Pirouette. “Let us pray for serenity as well.” There was a pause and then it was as if some magic filled the air.

“That’s it!” Exclaimed GarGar. “Let us name her Serenity. Princess Serenity…I like the sound of that! What do you think, my darling?”

“Princess Serenity,” Queen Pirouette let the words roll off of her tongue. “Yes! I like it!”