Ragtag Daily Prompt: Stay

Queen Pirouette looked out the window and sighed, as her husband, army in tow, disappeared over the horizon. Moments like this made her feel the weight of the world crushing her delicate shoulders. Such was her dismay, that she would hide herself in her private chapel away from the entire Court. Even her ladies in waiting and other servants were locked out. Kneeling at the altar, hands folded in prayer, she spoke in hush tones.

“Heavenly Father, grant me the strength to carry on alone, until that time when my husband sees fit to stay at home, rather than running off with his army at the drop of a hat!”

Moth: the Other Lepidopteran

Generally speaking, moths aren’t as flashy as butterflies. There are some exceptions. The luna moth is one of the largest lepidopteran. Its lime green wings are a beauty to behold. When they emerge from the chrysalis, they don’t even have a working mouth. Their sole purpose at that point is to reproduce. They only live about a week. I don’t know who this fellow is, but I think he has his own beauty. Like most butterflies, this moth has a proboscis and is enjoying a meal of pollen from this cockscomb.