Ragtag Daily Prompt: Enchanted

EnchantmentDashed this off in a couple of minutes for Ragtag Daily Prompt: Enchanted. This is the island of Kat Kong. In the foreground, there is the obligatory dinosaur. Giant butterflies careen across the sky like a bunch of drunken football fans. A great, sphinx-like monument to Mahatma Natasha sits ponderously on the shoreline.

Jez’s WWE Challenge: December 4, 2019

WWE 2College Creek, Annapolis Maryland, November 23, 2019WWE 6Chesapeake Bay, Thomas Point, Annapolis Maryland November 23, 2019

Both of these photos were taken on a very productive day for me last month. I discovered a new place of interest, Thomas Point. From this new vantage point, one can look across the cove and see Bay Ridge. These are my daily entries for Jez Braithwaite’s weekly Water Water Everywhere challenge number four.