Ragtag Daily Prompt: Aftermath

Babies 2Shortly after the funeral for her only son, Queen Pirouette went on a pilgrimage to her favorite shrines in the Kingdom. The first cloistered community that she made contact with was the Brethren of Christ. They wore brown, hooded robes with wide sleeves so that when the clasped their own hands, they would disappear within the woolen cloth. The aftermath of Prince GarGar’s death was terrible to behold, especially in a soul as light-hearted as the Queen’s.

Butterfly, December 27, 2019

Butterfly 5Another interesting shot of a yellow monarch beating its wings while it eats. Over the summer, the yellow monarchs were amazing. There were just so many of them. Some of them grew to incredible proportions. There was one that I called Super Star because he was just so big. His body was at least the size of my pinky finger.