Blur of Fur

Blur of furWhile I know this photograph isn’t likely to win any prizes, I thought it was an interesting capture nonetheless. The blurriness seems to emphasize the boundless energy that squirrels possess. I’m dedicating this post to my friend, Jez Braithwaite who has made photographing squirrels a fine art. You know it’s art when you tell yourself either, “I don’t get it” or maybe “That looks easy. I bet I could do that with my eyes closed!” A real artist always makes it look easy. Kudos, Jez!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Mix

Babies 5After five years of marriage and three consecutive pregnancies, it was a given that Her Majesty was exhausted. If one threw statecraft into the mix, that further exacerbated the crushing fatigue. As she gazed into her husband’s eyes across the table, the chattering of the courtiers to her left and right seemed to dissipate. Pirouette had grown to love GarGar. It had taken time, too much time in his opinion, for her to develop these feelings for her husband. As for King GarGar, he had been smitten by his bride from the moment he first lay eyes upon her. (Photographed on December 12. 2019.)