Ragtag Daily Prompt: Memory Lane

Horse 5

 When was the last time I went for a stroll down Memory Lane?  This thought floated across Pirouette’s consciousness just as the midwife shouted, “Push, your Majesty! Push!” As this was the Queen’s third experience with full-blown labor pains, one might try to suspect that she would be (at least somewhat) accustomed to it. Nothing could be further from the truth. While her beauty was great, the sharpness of her intellect was even greater. Instead of concentrating on the task at hand, her mind raced with disjointed thoughts and memories.

A particularly acute series of contractions caused Pirouette to reminisce on the last time she was confined to the bed by labor pains. That was when she delivered her second daughter, Pirouette the Younger. While all did their best to convince her that this baby would be the long-awaited son, she knew better than even to hope. If the child lived at all, she would be grateful for that. Herself the sole survivor of her mother’s first five pregnancies, the Queen thanked God that both of her daughters were strong and healthy. If this one was a girl, she would be perfectly happy with that.

I’m Queen in my own right. Any daughter of mine can be Queen in her own right as well.

Pirouette 1.jpgPirouette, December 13, 2019. You can tell that this one was taken with my cell phone. I’ve done something to the settings. The flash never deploys anymore. I’m tempted to hit the reset button, but that would erase all of my contacts. What a world! What a world! My choice of the first photograph comes from two factors. It was taken the same day as Pirouette’s and I always find horses to be picturesque, the stuff of nostalgia.


Scary Santa Sought

Santa Creepy 1

Sought by authorities throughout the tri-state area, Scary Santa is sought for various acts of malfeasance, including but not limited to arson, blackmail, racketeering, accepting stolen goods, conspiracy to commit murder, murder, terrorism and burglary. The last charge stems from an incident dating back to Christmas 2018, when he was seen stuffing presents into a large red velvet bag and fleeing the scene in a flying sleigh, pulled by exactly thirteen reindeer. Call 1-800-IM-ARAT if you see Scary Santa. Do not try to apprehend subject. He may be armed and dangerous.

Scary Santa Says “Merry Christmas!”

Santa Creepy 2

Butterfly, December 16, 2019

Butterfly 4

This butterfly is the same kind of butterfly as the one I posted yesterday. I don’t know for sure what kind of butterfly it is. A Google search under the terms “small white butterfly bright spot wing” revealed a likely hit with the less than glamorous name, “cabbage white.” I’m not sure that’s right, though. The cabbage white has a black spot on its wings, while mine clearly has a reddish spot, and black speckles all over its wings. It’s really a beautiful butterfly. Any help out there with identifying my little friends?

Cee’s FOTD Challenge: December 15, 2019

White 3This is my submission for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge. I’m not exactly what kind of blossom this is. I want to say it’s hydrangea, but I am unsure at this point. I appeal to the experts out there for their advice!