Ragtag Daily Prompt: Microcosm

Pirouette eyes.jpg

The many faces of Pirouette (above).

GarGar in napping mode (above).

Life in the castle was a microcosm of daily life throughout the Kingdom. The walls around the keep and other buildings were just like the borders with other countries. The Keep, where the King and his family lived, was like the capital city. The Royal Chapel was where the Archbishop said mass. The services held there mirrored every service in every church throughout the Kingdom. The gardens and greenhouses were just like the farms and forests that dotted the land. Even the little shack where the forges were located could be seen as representative of the all the miners and smiths who pulled metals from the earth and fashioned them into useful tools and beautiful objects. Most importantly perhaps, the hierarchy of courtiers and servants were an extrapolation of the classes of society in King GarGar’s and Queen Pirouette’s realm.