LPM Photo Adventures: Reflections

WWE 12WWE 13As you can see, I’ve been having enormous fun with reflections over the past few days. I took these pictures last Thursday, I believe. I’m certain that the venue was the Bay Ridge Community Center. As soon as I can find them, I have a couple/few photographs where I rotated them 180 degrees, and then I cropped out much of the solid part, leaving the reflection looking like the main subject. The photographs below were taken on the banks of Weems Creek.WWE 5 a 180 cropAnd here it is in sepia…WWE 5 a 180 crop sepiaAnd here it is before the crop and filter effects.WWE 5 a 180How fun was that!

Three Line Tales #204


Max shook his head in disbelief. What the Hell am I looking at? He asked himself, for before him stood a new adversary, deadlier than all the others put together. “Who are you?” He shouted at the mouse whose fur seemed to emit a glow, warm and comforting. It made one want to press their nose to its fur and wiggle it a bit.

The angel/mouse smiled at Max, and then gave him a wink. “I am the archangel Milton, sent from Heaven above to cast you back into Hell.”

“You, and what army?” Sneered Max, the demon from Hell.


Maxwell prowls the yard
Haunches up creeping up pounce
Soul lost forever

Three Line Tales, Week #204

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Mixed Feelings

It was with mixed feelings that Queen Pirouette listened to the Crier’s speech.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Those who can hear bend closer and listen to the words of your King GarGar, the Beloved. ‘To all and sundry within the borders of my kingdom shall acknowledge and proclaim that my eldest daughter, Princess Gargella shall henceforth be known as Crown Princess Gargella, heir to my throne, with all the privileges and responsibilities pertaining…’

His voice seemed to trail off as the Queen became lost in her thoughts. What will become of my sweet girl?