Ragtag Daily Prompt: Joy

Babies 1Babies 2Babies 6This last photograph is one of my all-time favorites of GarGar and Pirouette. I love the expression on GarGar’s face as he bites down on his sister’s ear. The way Pirouette is holding her brother’s ears flat against his head adds to the intensity of their play. I would say that GarGar’s expression betokens rapturous joy.

Merry Christmas!

Stay turned to this blog for more posts about the Nativity Pageant at Heritage Baptist Church on Forest Drive in Annapolis, Maryland. What a warm and welcoming group of people did I meet tonight! The animals in the petting zoo were cute. The children who participated as everything from shepherds to angels were adorable. Everybody was in the Christmas spirit, and I was no exception. I must have wished people a “Merry Christmas!” a hundred times, if once. I also sprinkled all and sundry with “God bless you!” so full of a benevolent spirit was I. Nativity 1

Merry Christmas to all!

Butterfly, December 21, 2019

Butterfly 4 peacock

I photographed this beauty on October 3, 2019. I think that at the very end of summer, there was a final explosion of new butterflies of almost every variety. Just as I was beginning to mourn for them, I turned out to be grieving prematurely. They were around well into Autumn.

Remember Thurogood Marshall?

Statue 3 aStatue 3 b


Supreme Court Justice Thurogood Marshall is often credited as the man who dismantled segregation. He was the first African-American to serve on the highest court of the land. God bless him. I’d forgotten about Sculpture Saturday, but this post is fortuitous. I am submitting it to that challenge that is hosted by Mind Over Memory.