Ragtag Daily Prompt: Smooth

The last years of the old King’s reign saw a steady decline in his physical and mental capacities. First, a painful case of dropsy caused his feet to swell. Barely able to walk, he indulged himself by having his valets carry him about in a litter chair. Subsequent lack of exercise caused him to become obese in short order. His breathing became labored. The poor man developed a nagging cough that plagued his sleeping hours so that he developed dark rings under his eyes. To ease his suffering, he took to drink to such an extent that his thoughts became befuddled.

While all this was happening, le comte de deux chats, GarGar quickly developed a power base among the young nobility and officers, especially the palace guards, known collectively as the Toms. Also, using his seat on the King’s Privy Council to advance his own agenda, when the old King finally died, the transition of power to GarGar was smooth and seamless. GarGar 1c


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