Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sangfroid

Babies 3_18_1Famous for her cool head and quick wit, Queen Pirouette often found herself in a position where she had to defend herself against political enemies with nothing but a few quick words.   In the tenth year of her reign, Parliament formed a commission to study the condition of the Navy and to provide recommendations for its improvement.  Two month after its conception, the Parliamentary Commission for the Improvement of the Royal Navy produced a series of recommendations.  The first recommendation was that taxes be raised in order to repair old ships and to purchase an entire fleet of new ones.

Parliament duly sent a delegation to the Palace to present their recommendations to their King and Queen. As King GarGar was out campaigning, it fell to the Queen to accept the recommendations and to say a few words about modernizing the Royal Navy.  When the Chairman of the Commission gave a short speech detailing the recommendations, it was met with stoney silence from Her Majesty.  Not to be robbed of her sangfroid, a slight smile was frozen on her lips during the entire speech.  She did not blink an eye. When the Chairman finished his speech, Queen Pirouette replied succinctly, “Before today I thought that I’d heard it all, but now I can truly say that I’ve heard it all.” Babies 3_18_2

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