Ragtag Daily Prompt: Fringe

Max as Lord of the Manor

It had been a century since the last time Maxwell had seen Satan. A lot can happen over the course of a hundred years. Oddly enough, much more stays the same. The Evil One was still in bed, but he was awake. As his door was ajar, Maxwell could hear him coughing. Being a heavy smoker, Maxwell’s master suffered from a severe hack. It would start off as a mellow rumble and then increase in intensity until reaching a crescendo that shook the walls.

In between coughs, Satan managed to gasp out the words, “Get in here you crazy fur ball!”

Maxwell slipped into the room on silent paws. Satan was propped up in bed with a bunch of pillows and a husband. Tissues were scattered around on the coverlet. The fringe of the comforter was interesting- live snakes. Satan was nothing if not a showman. The writhing of the snakes was mesmerizing. Their tails disappeared into the cover. They didn’t seem to be in pain. In fact, they seemed perfectly satisfied with their lot.

“Still nursing that summer cold, oh great one?” Asked Maxwell with a purr.

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