Cee’s FOTD Challenge: January 14, 2020

Pink 8Pink 6 petuniasPink 9Today for Cee’s Flower of the Day challenge, I’d like to look at the color pink and some of its various shades.  Do the petunias look pink to you? When I saw them, I thought that they looked pink, but in retrospect, I’m not so sure anymore.  What should be painfully obvious is my continued devotion to the macro.  I suppose I will burn out on them eventually.

Taking a page out of Jez Braithwaite‘s book, I’ve been dabbling with posting photos of bouquets.  Today I’m taking a break from that; however, don’t be surprised to see a bouquet tomorrow or the next day!  I think it’s nice to step back once in a while and take a look at the big picture, rather than zooming into every crevice, shining a bright light.

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