Ragtag Daily Prompt: Torch

Even with a burning torch, it was difficult to see in the catacombs below Catapolis.  Holding hands, King GarGar and Queen Pirouette stayed close to the torch bearers in front of them.  Their entourage was fairly small. With the two footmen in the vanguard and the Bishop and his acolyte behind them, they made six.  Why would their Majesties venture into such a dark, dank and close space?  Their mission was simple: find the true resting place of the previous king, excavate it and remove the signet ring on the corpse’s hand.

The footmen and the acolyte each carried a shovel.  King GarGar wielded a large pickax that was fashioned to his belt.  Queen Pirouette carried a hand-sized pickax.  The only person not equipped to dig was the Bishop of course.  Who ever heard of a bishop getting his hands dirty?

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