Ragtag Daily Prompt: Chicanery

Max 1

“How will you know how to execute the law if you don’t study law, my child.” Queen Pirouette looked sadly at her eldest daughter, Gargella. “Now that poor little GarGar is gone, you are the heir to the throne. How will you be able to govern if you do not know the law of your kingdom?” She put her hand under Gargella’s chin and gave it a playful tweak.

“But mother!” Whined Gargella plaintively. “The only reason we have lawyers is to figure out how to get around the law.”

“Yes, dear, there is some chicanery that mocks justice in our courts, but when your time comes to rule, you will be able identify it and then do something about it.” She stressed the words “do something,” hoping to convey a sense of empowerment to the teenager who someday would supplant her.

GarGar & Max

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